Solar Electric Water Heater

Where to Find the Best Solar Electric Water Heater in Pakistan?

A solar electric water heater (SWH) converts sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector, i.e., collecting heat by absorbing light. Solar electric water heaters in Pakistan are popular nowadays and used worldwide. Hot water is necessary for several functions. Thus, the sun is utilized to generate this heat fast and effectively. The warming effect of radiation is clear, and it is predicted that a container of cold water is left exposed to the sun, which gets warmed up by sunlight. Solar water heating systems are designed to make this innovation easier to use. The solar tank can heat water to 90 degrees Celsius.


Enerquip’s digitally controlled solar water heater is the best solar electric water heater in Pakistan. Different sizes are available according to different capacities, up to 150 to 300 liters. Through Enerquip, you can get warm water all over the year, and it is automatically converted into electricity in case of cloudy and low-radiation sun days. Our smart digital water heater can automatically shift. Enerquip’s solar water heater uses the newest technology to efficiently absorb the sun’s heat and transmit it to heat water. The insulated solar water heater tank can keep hot water warm overnight. Solar water heaters are popular globally and are widely utilized in nations such as China and Turkey, the greatest alternative energy solution by Enerquip.


Sunlight is a powerful source of energy. But the real question is how to use this full energy source in the most efficient way that benefits the world. The efficient use of energy is rising in today’s world due to rising costs and environmental problems due to the greenhouse effect. Now it is time for energy conservation by the sunlight.

Pakistan is a developing country that consumes a significant amount of energy. About 43,775 MW will be used in Pakistan this year. So, why do we not use something that helps us to save natural resources and is free of cost? 

The most common types of water heaters are gas and electric. Both are natural resources. These two varieties are frequently ineffective for household longer usage and saving money. Vacuum tubes or flat-panel solar water heaters are frequently overlooked, despite being the most cost-effective solution. The solar geyser system is quite simple to use. For both sunlight and water, just one solar water heater is required. The hot water will be generated automatically and endlessly.


  • Countless times of energy, free of cost
  • No CO2 emission during the installment
  • Free of cost up to 60 percent of heating water 
  • Less use of fossil fuel
  • Save electricity
  • Modern system of heating
  • Remarkable saving of space
  • Low maintenance can be run for up to 20 years
  • Low carbon footprint, eco-friendly
  • Choice of size up to 50 to 80 gallon
  • High efficiency up to 80 percent of radiation can turn into heat


Storage tanks and sun collectors are parts of solar water heating systems. Solar water heating systems are classified into two types: active, which have circulating pumps and controls, and passive, which do not.

Active Solar Heating System Includes Two Types of System:

Solar Electric Water Heater

  • Direct circulation

Pumps move household water through collectors and into homes. They are effective in places where freezing temperatures are uncommon.

  • Indirect circulation

Pumps circulate a heat-transfer fluid that does not freeze via the collectors and a heat exchanger. This heats the water, which then enters the house. They are popular in areas where temperatures can drop below freezing.

Passive Solar Heating System Includes Two Types of System:

  • Integral collector passive system

These are manufactured using a storage tank coated in a transparent covering that allows the sun to heat the water. The tank’s water subsequently enters the plumbing system. These are most effective in regions where temperatures rarely drop below freezing. They also work well in households with higher hot-water demands during the day and nighttime.

  • Thermosiphon systems

When a hot water faucet is turned on, water is heated in a roof collector and circulates through the plumbing system. The preponderance of these systems has a capacity of 40 gallons.

Difference Between Enerquip Solar Heating System And A Stand Electric Water Heater

A stand-alone heater is available in the market and runs totally from electricity. Whereas the solar electric heater operates 100 percent from the power of sunlight. With the normal electric heater, one can only get hot water for a little time. This is its drawback. Compared to solar electric heaters, you can use hot water all day long.

The Difference Between The Enerquip Solar Heating System And A Gas Heater Or Heater Geysers

The solar heater is the most effective way of heating water using sunlight. The effective way to save your money and time. The gas heater or geyser is the oldest way of getting hot water through natural gas. Natural gas-fired geysers and through it once get hot water. It is also a waste of natural gas, but in comparison to solar energy, you utilize sunlight, the free energy source. You can buy best electric water heater from

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